Teaching M.A.

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Ambrose, JoEllen


Financial literacy is an essential skill, necessary to lead a prosperous life. This paper explores the impact of financial education on high school students' current and future financial behaviors focusing on the history of financial literacy in the United States, influencers of personal financial knowledge of students, and delivery of curriculum. The emphasis put on the importance of personal financial education in high school has come and gone throughout the past few decades. While many schools and organizations see the importance of a personal finance class in high school, others do not see a spot for it within the demanding course load already in place for students. Children learn habits, financial or otherwise, from observing those they trust. Whether it be an educator or parent, students mimic the behaviors they see which is why influencers need proper knowledge, standards, and curriculum to be effective in their delivery methods. This paper concludes with the impact of financial literacy on a student's short and long-term financial behavior.

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Teaching M.A.

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Masterʼs thesis