Teaching M.A.

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Dikkers, Seann


Failure plays an unavoidable role in the life of everyone. From the most mastered professionals to the toddler taking his first steps, everyone will experience failure at one point or another. In the educational setting, both educators and students will have failure experiences, and will undergo the consequences of that experience, whether positive or negative. This literature review will summarize fields of research that highlight both the negative and positive consequences of experiencing failure and will also introduce “failure skills,” which is defined as the key to producing positive consequences from experiencing failure. Examples of the “failure skills” are: Grit, Growth Mindset, attitude, agency, and resilience. Though this literature review emphasizes two opposite sides of the field, the gap between is bridged by the discussion of “failure skills” in the search for how to ensure failure experiences are conducive to learning.

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Teaching M.A.

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Masterʼs thesis