Special Education M.A.

Year Approved


First Advisor

Larson, Susan


This literature review and application investigates instructional approaches used to teach literacy to students with significant disabilities who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). It reviews the current instructional strategies used for students with significant disabilities, instructional strategies used with developmentally similar students, and language-based literacy strategies that support AAC participation. The review guided the development of a Comprehensive Literacy Curriculum for students with significant disabilities who use AAC that outlines emergent instructional strategies to build foundational literacy skills necessary for independent reading and writing. A curriculum needs clear definitions of the purpose informing the instruction, explicit directions for instructional activities, and consistent opportunities for language development and expression. This literature review and application defines emergent instructional strategies and guides teachers to the implementation of evidence-based practices.

Degree Name

Special Education M.A.

Document Type

Masterʼs thesis