Teaching M.A.

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Elliott, Nathan


Standards-based reforms have brought about significant changes to the modern educational system. Standards-based reforms have been shown to have a positive impact on teachers’ instruction by helping to focus teaching. Standards-based reforms have also been shown to increase fairness in the classroom by allowing teachers to only focus on student achievement. Additionally, standards-based reforms help to improve the accuracy of grades and student achievement. Also, standards-based reforms impact the curriculum and the assessment of students. The assessment and grading of students also is shifted to focus exclusively on student achievement under standards-based reforms. These reforms are not without challenges, as questions regarding how to hold every student to these standards and how to fairly assess students remain. The future of standards-based reform remains an area yet to be fully explored. However, there has been positive results shown as post-secondary institutions consider implementation of standards-based reforms. Finally, standards-based reforms have led to development of technologies to aid in the implementation of standards-based reforms. The current research shows that overall, standards-based grading can have a positive impact on the field of education.

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Teaching M.A.

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Masterʼs thesis