Physician Assistant M.S.

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Goetz, Cindy


OBJECTIVES: To compare the attitude and knowledge of health science majors versus non-health science majors of the Bethel University undergraduate population. BACKGROUND: Despite public education about the use of sunscreen and skin cancer protection, researchers are still finding a gap in public knowledge. Sun exposure education is crucial and must happen during childhood and adolescence because these are the times people receive the most UV exposure. Repeat sunburns during childhood can double an individual's risk of developing melanoma in adulthood. METHODS: This was a pre-experimental design single evaluation via a survey. The following research questions were investigated in our research project: how educated is the Bethel University undergraduate population on using sunscreen as skin cancer prevention and what are their sun protective behaviors. RESULTS: We surveyed 212 Bethel University undergraduate students to determine their knowledge and behaviors regarding skin cancer risk factors, prevention, and sunscreen usage. When comparing “Knowledge Questions,” it was found that there is no statistical significance regarding sun protective behaviors when comparing health science majors with non-health science majors based on the average scores. CONCLUSION: The study investigated the research question regarding the education of Bethel University undergraduate students on skin cancer prevention as well as their sun protective behaviors. The study found there is not statistical significance between the sun protective knowledge and behaviors when comparing health science and non-health science majors. Results are consistent with previous studies on this topic.

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Masters of Science in Physician Assistant

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Masterʼs thesis

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