Nurse Educator M.S.

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Bredow, Tim


The Community Care Paramedicine Program is an emerging field across the United States that utilizes the expertise and service of Paramedics within the community they serve. In this program, paramedics are integrated into the local healthcare system and overseen by emergency and primary care physicians along with additional support to hospitals, municipalities, residents, and insurance companies in several ways. The role of the Community Care Paramedic adapts to the specific needs of the community they serve. This is a growing program which has shown success in rural communities in providing initiatives for a healthier community and studies have shown that a Community Care Paramedicine Program decreases readmissions. This is evidenced by Landro (2015), which recognizes the North Memorial Community Care Paramedic Program in Robbinsdale, Minnesota. Their program, “has reduced the use of inpatient and emergency department services by up to 50%, saving about $8500.00 per patient” (p.1). North Memorial has one of the most successful Community Care Paramedicine The project plan is to create a Community Care Paramedicine Program within the rural community of Baldwin and surrounding area in collaboration with our local Emergency Medical Services. Creating this program will take collaboration with local EMS, Homecare, local Hospital, Hospice, Public Health, and other collaborative hospitals from the Twin Cities area. Implementation will involve certification of a Community Care Paramedic through an approved educational program, clinical hours, project planning with a timeline, and stakeholder meetings with all team members and community stakeholders. Not all patients with significant illness qualify for homecare and the mental health crisis continues with a lack of resources. These are just a few of the gaps affecting health and wellness of rural communities. One way of bridging and improving these issues is by having a Community Care Paramedic within the community.

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M.S. Nurse Educator

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Masterʼs thesis

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