Special Education M.A.

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Koel-Turner, Charlene


The author of this paper has worked in special education since 1988, primarily with Emotional and Behavioral Disordered (EBD) students. Throughout the author's career there have been many conversations about why some students display EBD behaviors. Through many years of teaching and numerous professional conferences, it was not until January 2016 that the author heard about ACES. This piqued the author's curiosity. Dr. Felitti spear-headed a study in the mid-1990s out of a clinic in Southern California. As a practicing physician focusing on weight loss he began questioning clients about their social history. Felitti found that his clients experienced trauma in their youth. Thus ACES - Adverse Childhood Experiences, became a field of study. Since the original study countless other studies have yielded similar findings. The medical and scientific communities within the past two decades have given credence to Felitti's study and only now are understanding how trauma in childhood can affect one’s social and physical development leading to health problems in adulthood.

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Special Education M.A.

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Masterʼs thesis