Education Doctorate

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First Advisor

Lindstrom, Michael


Teacher burnout is a substantial issue in education today, and its negative effects have been seen across the United States. This quantitative study will focus on the state of North Dakota and analyze teacher burnout through the lens of the number of students that a school serves. By implementing the Maslach Burnout Inventory-Educator’s Survey (MBI-ES) this study attempts to not only see the prevalence of teacher burnout between large and small schools in North Dakota, but also to understand if the causes for burnout are similar or different based upon student population in schools. According to the information gathered within the study, there is a significant difference in levels of burnout between large and small schools within North Dakota. Looking further into the information provided there are specific symptoms which have significant differences between the two groups as well. By understanding the differences in burnout between large and small schools in North Dakota, school officials may be able to tailor remedies to burnout exclusive to their own school.

Degree Name

Education Doctorate

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Doctoral dissertation