Doctor of Ministry

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McIntosh, Timothy


Moore Theological College’s Preliminary Theological Certificate has been a vehicle to impart an approach to Biblical Theology not only domestically but also outside Australia. Course participation overseas has seen significant growth and this research identifies some of reasons for this as well some principles for imparting Biblical Theology cross-culturally. The first chapter of this study outlines the specific approach of the research. Four specific case studies are identified as being Latin America, India, East Africa and South East Asia. A biblical foundation is laid down in the next chapter. Three themes that affect a Biblical Theology of culture in the light of the expansion of the worldwide church are developed. This is followed by a literature review relating to four areas: the growth and the penetration of the gospel, culture and the context of mission, interpretation theory and theological education. Chapter four outlines the approach to two of the sub-problems identified in chapter one: what dynamics led to the growth of the course and what factors affect the transformative nature of it across the cultural divide. Correspondingly, the next chapter outlines the formal findings. The case area studies demonstrated that one of the key dynamics that led to the expansion of the course beyond denominational and geographical isolation was the role played by inter-denominational training organizations. Chapter six identifies growth factors based on the model used and the significant role played by individuals identified as “connectors.” The chapter then identifies four threats to the impartation of the Biblical Theology cross-culturally. Significantly, the chapter calls the readers not to quickly underestimate the power of Scriptures to speak to believers across-cultures. The last chapter contains the personal reflections and journey of the researcher and some possible further research options.

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Doctor of Ministry

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Doctoral thesis