Teaching M.A.

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Mansfield, Angela


The purpose of this literature review was to address how race-congruency between students and teachers impacts students' academic achievement and what can be done about the issue. The guiding questions were: 1) does race-congruency between students and teachers impact a student’s academic experience? and 2) what are the current efforts to diversify the teacher workforce? The literature review shows that race-incongruency between students and teachers impacts multiple facets of a students experience. With the majority of teachers being White and the majority of students being nonwhite, most students find themselves racially-incongruent to their teachers. Race-incongruency between teachers and students is more likely to produce negative results in the following categories: how well students perform on tests, if students are expected to do well in school, if students are expected to move on to college, the value in the feedback students receive, students’ expectations in terms of behavior, the likelihood of receiving disciplinary action, and the likelihood of receiving necessary special education services. Because of the negative effects a race-incongruency can have on a student, researchers recommend continued recruitment and retention of diverse teachers. Teacher preparation programs aimed at producing a diverse teacher workforce have been studied throughout the country. Additionally, a need for diversity training among current teachers and pre-service teachers continues to be necessary. A more diverse teacher workforce will provide schools across the country with a faculty that reflects the diversity of America’s students. As we continue to evolve as a nation, it is critical that our schools evolve with us. Providing students and teachers the opportunity to better connect and understand each other will only improve our educational systems.

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Teaching M.A.

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Masterʼs thesis