Special Education M.A.

Year Approved


First Advisor

Silmser, Lisa


With the current special education policies in place in the United States, solutions must be found in order to equitably meet the academic, social and emotional needs for all types of students found in a classroom. One of the most practiced solutions found in schools today, is the inclusion of special education students in mainstream classrooms. Inclusion can provide many benefits to teachers, general education and special education students when executed properly. When not executed properly, inclusion can cause undue stress to both teachers and students. This literature review will examine the effects of inclusion on teachers, special education, and general education students in general education classrooms. The research examined within the literature review focuses on the benefits, disadvantages, professional development, and beliefs regarding inclusion. All age groups and levels of school were examined within the research. Ultimately the research proves that teachers require more purposeful professional development in inclusion in order to execute it properly within their classrooms.

Degree Name

Special Education M.A.

Document Type

Masterʼs thesis