Doctor of Ministry

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First Advisor

Rima, Sam


The problem this research project addressed was the need for a leadership development model for a regional gospel movement. While it is hoped that the research will serve regional gospel movements nationwide, the specific focus was the development of a model for leaders of a gospel movement in State College, Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. As the needs of our world expand and the transformative influence of the typical local congregation decreases, followers of Christ are seeking new expressions of church and new paths of transformation. This is driven by a desire to take the whole gospel to the whole city. A growing desire for the church as movement is spreading. The transition from current models of the church to a gospel movement will require leadership. The researcher explored biblical principles of leadership development exemplified in the life of Moses, (a noted movement leader). The researcher then turned to the books of Acts and Ephesians to glean leadership development principles from the gospel movement which took place in Ephesus. This was followed by a review of literature focusing on gospel movements and their leaders. Finally, the researcher conducted a study of sixteen leaders using grounded theory methodology. Thirteen leaders were from twelve different congregations in State College. Three non-local leaders were connected to current gospel movements. The results were used to construct a model of leadership development for a regional gospel movement.

Degree Name

Doctor of Ministry

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Doctoral thesis