Doctor of Ministry

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First Advisor

Klem, Herbert


Important social transformation has occurred for many Kenyans migrating from Africa to the Twin Cities, Minnesota in the last two decades of the 1900s. This influx of immigrant singles and families migrated to the West in hope of transforming their lives. However, little is known about how these immigrants can integrate into the American culture. This project is an attempt to find strategies on how these groups can smoothly integrate and help their children retain good Kenyan traditional values. The researcher studied the Kenyan and American cultures and drew conclusions based on the findings. The project analyzed the relationship between identities and integration in the two cultures. The coming of Kenyan immigrants into this land calls for a reconfiguration of the ways in which they can be accommodated. This project synthesized and developed strategies that can be used to help them integrate into the American culture. Integrating Kenyan immigrants into the American culture is not an easy task. It requires a period of adjustment by both the natives and the immigrants which will facilitate the integration process. The project further examined external and internal changes of cultural adjustment that seem to occur among the resident Americans as they welcome Kenyan immigrants into their country. It requires an understanding of the dynamics of cultural integration as well as the internal changes that occur during various stages of cultural integration.

Degree Name

Doctor of Ministry

Document Type

Doctoral thesis