Teaching M.A.

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Silmser, Lisa


This paper inspects the role of storyboards and graphic organizers, vocabulary, cultural relevancy/responsiveness, reading fluency and reading engagement, as each relates to reading comprehension growth in middle school English Language Learners. The use of storyboards and graphic organizers provides a visual component, which offers another way for students to examine the text. Vocabulary knowledge helps students decode unknown terminology while they are reading and that can lead to better understanding. When students see their own culture represented in the texts they read, it leads to clearer insights into that text. An ability to read text quickly and accurately, without stumbling over words, causes understanding to intensify. When learners are engaged in what they are reading, without becoming easily distracted, reading compression capacities surge. One specific strategy does not exist that encompasses all of these different aspects of reading into a cure-all program. Rather, it is a combination of the previously listed components that leads to the best way to increase reading comprehension in middle level ELLs.

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Teaching M.A.

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Masterʼs thesis