Physician Assistant M.S.

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Naser, Lisa


Genetic testing is a resource that continues to evolve and change the world of medicine. The availability of such testing has created opportunities for many to better understand and take control of their health. However, studies show that the general population is still lacking in awareness toward genetic testing and what it has to offer. The purpose of this study was to assess the knowledge about genetic testing and participant’s feelings towards finding out about a possible inheritable disease. A nine question survey was distributed to 156 participants at two Minnesota schools and one Minnesota clinic. The study found that there was a statistically significant difference in awareness of genetic testing with females being more aware than males. There was a statistically significant difference in the knowledge of genetic testing with females having more knowledge than males and participants who had a family history of an inheritable disease having more knowledge than participants who did not have a family history of an inheritable disease. The majority of participants would want to know about a possible inheritable disease and the most answered reason for wanting to know was to protect themselves. Also, various percentages between different demographical factors and their relation to being knowledgeable about genetic testing/counseling were found and among these percentages, they were not significantly different from one another. This study showed that although the general population has become more aware of genetic testing, there is still room for improvement. By expanding on studies such as this one, more information can be obtained for medical professionals to educate and guide their patients in their medical care. This information can also help patients identify possible self and family altering inheritable diseases.

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Masters of Science in Physician Assistant

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Masterʼs thesis

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Primary Care Commons