Education K-12 M.A.

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First Advisor

Elliott, Nathan


It has long been the goal of educators to teach for lifelong learning. This project is an examination of best practices for teaching for lifelong learning in the context of an elementary math curriculum. In pursuit of this research, I identified two guiding questions: What are the best practices for teaching and assessing mathematics in elementary school? How can these ideas be organized into an adaptable format for use in planning instructional units? In the research, there is a general consensus that educators need to shift their instruction to a goal of teaching students a conceptual understanding of mathematics, making connections between processes and skills. Because of this, it is effective to use practice that emphasize connections between skills, such as project-based learning and concept mapping. The final product for this application project synthesizes the research to create a unit plan that incorporates elements of project-based learning, standards-based grading, formative assessment, brain-based learning, and use of visual strategies and manipulatives.

Degree Name

Education K-12 M.A.

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Masterʼs thesis