Doctor of Ministry

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Parolini, Jeanine


The Church of God denomination has more than seven million members in 185 nations and territories. More than 36,000 congregations serve around the world. The Church of God denomination has been in existence for 130 years and in its entire historyno person of color served on the International Executive Committee until the year 2008.The question this project explored is how can the Church of God promote cultural diversity in leadership? The lives of Joseph, Jonah, and Jesus and the Antioch Church were studied to seek God’s view of diversity. A study was conducted on the importance of diversity and inclusion and its effective implementation in the corporate world, in education, and in non-profit organizations. A qualitative exploratory case study was conducted. This project utilized open-ended questions in interviews to produce data that was analyzed and categorized thematically to show why diversity is lacking in theChurch of God denomination. Grounded theory approach was used to analyze the data and discover theories. Key findings appeared from the data collected. The data showed there is lack of intentionality in appointments and placements. Visible opportunities for people of color are also lacking. There is a need to find individuals who excel in ministry and have qualifications to serve in leadership. The General Assembly is only held in the United States and ministers from different countries are not able to participate. A faulty system is still intact in the Church of God and the “buddy system” still exists. The history of the South was found to impact the progression of diversity. Segregation continues in the Church. A mindset change has to occur for change to transpire. Lack of training and relationship building affects the implementation of diversity. The data also showed positive improvements and progress being made with regard to diversity. Action plans for Church of God to implement in order to obtain more cultural diversity within its leadership were developed based on the research findings.

Degree Name

Doctor of Ministry

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Doctoral thesis