Nurse-Midwifery M.S.

Year Approved


First Advisor

Wrede, Jane


Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to examine various biological indicators and tracking methods to determine which are the most accurate in identifying the fertility window for reproductive-aged women. Results: Whether the woman has regular or irregular cycles is a major determinant of what method can be successfully utilized. Additionally, the woman’s desire to achieve a pregnancy and her preference regarding intensity of the necessary training are significant factors in choosing a method. Use of two biologic indicators is discussed as some research points to this being the most effective. Finally, recommended web and mobile applications are discussed with a word of caution regarding their use. Implications for Research and Practice: Because research in this area is limited, of low quality, and inconsistent in its findings, it is crucial for nurse-midwives to have the knowledge of the various biological indicators and tracking methods that a woman can use to identify her fertile window. A decision tree was developed and included for the nurse-midwife to guide a woman in selecting a method that would be most appropriate for the woman to use.

Degree Name

M.S. Nurse-Midwifery

Document Type

Masterʼs thesis