Education Doctorate

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Reimer, Tracy


In the last decade, urban charter schools gained prominence in the United States. They specifically made substantial growth in the metro areas in Minnesota. The vitality of these schools and their accomplishments were seen and recognized by parents and community stakeholders. The purpose of this study was to investigate the successes and challenges of urban charter schools through the lens of principals in metro area schools. The respondents for this study were six elementary principals in metro Minnesota. Interviews were recorded, transcribed, coded, and analyzed for themes. Eight themes emerged from the interviewees' responses specific to the successes and challenges of each research question. Themes that emerged from the achievements of urban charter schools included: student academic achievement, community involvement in the schools, and school environments that affirm race, identity, and language for all. Themes that emerged from challenges of urban charter schools included: external and internal limited resources, hiring and retaining competent teachers, cultural differences among personnel and students, and the lack of parent engagement.

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Education Doctorate

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Doctoral dissertation