Education Doctorate

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Lindstrom, Mike


Blended learning is a curriculum presentation method that includes both online and face-to-face aspects. Educators who use blended learning tout it for its ability to allow for effective differentiation of instruction while bringing increased use of technology into the classroom. It is seen as an improvement to online learning in that blended learning maintains the traditional classroom teacher to guide and develop the class while incorporating the online component. Gifted and talented students are often the forgotten population within schools as they are typically viewed to be successful in classes despite the fact they may not be reaching their full academic potential. Blended learning is seen as a way to differentiate instruction that will allow gifted and talented students increased opportunities to reach their academic potential. This qualitative study examined the experiences of schools which implemented blended learning for gifted and talented students. Specifically, the study focused on how schools were currently using blended learning for gifted and talented students, how the schools obtained their curriculum for the online component of the blended classroom, and what potential limitations and solutions to those limitations existed that prevents blended learning from being more widely used for gifted and talented students.

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Education Doctorate

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Doctoral dissertation