Education K-12 M.A.

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Silmser, Lisa


The increasing need for social emotional learning within the classroom, combined with rising academic expectations, are putting educators in a difficult situation. Educators need to be more creative in how they teach, blending curriculum and SEL learning. The purpose of this paper is to research the impact of social emotional learning and how social emotional learning can be most effectively integrated into existing curriculum, routines and classroom procedures. Research was limited to studies conducted with primary aged students measuring the impact of various strategies on social emotional growth. Findings showed that the integration of social emotional learning could occur in the areas of Morning Meeting, curriculum content, Project-Based Learning, free play, instructional techniques, and teacher-student relationships. A common thread throughout the research seemed to unravel the realization that however good the plan of integration, the social emotional learning success of the students primarily depends on the quality of the teacher’s implementation and the perceived relationship between teacher and student.

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Education K-12 M.A.

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Masterʼs thesis

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