Doctor of Ministry

Year Approved


First Advisor

Klem, Herbert


The researcher has explored six decades of mission work and leadership development by the Baptist General Conference (BGC) in Ethiopia. The main purpose of this project is to summarize the work of the mission in Ethiopia and its relationship to the national church with comments from local pastors and missionaries in regard to the conclusion of the work of the missionaries and the turnover to the local church, so that the current and coming generations may benefit from the strengths and weaknesses of the BGC Ethiopia ministry. The evaluations by missionaries and local leaders provides a balance of perspectives on key policies, practices and historic events from different points of view so that the readers may come to their own conclusions as they reflect on this example of mission and church relationships. This doctoral project confirms that God’s call to the Great Commission requires vision and passion that follows the blueprint of the Master. The first disciples were trained by the Master in word and deed for three years. Jesus coached them by taking them to different places and events so that they could learn from him. He sent them ahead of him to the villages that he wanted to teach and to touch. When he was preparing to leave the disciples, he encouraged them to wait for another teacher and comforter before they embarked on the Great Commission. The Great Commission entails sharing the truth of the gospel in every generation. We can refer to the book of Acts, a record of what it was like for those who proclaimed the gospel during the early church, while we, too, work to extend the kingdom of God.

Degree Name

Doctor of Ministry

Document Type

Doctoral thesis