Special Education M.A.

Year Approved


First Advisor

Silmser, Lisa


Co-teaching is a common and significant practice that pairs a special education teacher with a general education teacher for the purpose of enhancing the education of all students. In addition to giving students with special needs access to the content of general education classes, all students get the social benefits of being closer to their peers. Since the introduction of the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) (1997), methods of inclusion for special education students have taken center stage. Teachers and administrators are experiencing the benefits and challenges of this relatively new but successful concept. Research is plentiful but there is a plethora of research information to consolidate, compare and document for the benefit of co-teachers and administrators. The critical elements for effective K-12 co-teaching expressed by the research reviewed in this thesis include: effective collaboration, administrative support of the co-teaching program, strategic implementation of a co-teaching strategy, shared planning opportunities between the teaching partners and professional training for both teachers and administrators.

Degree Name

Special Education M.A.

Document Type

Masterʼs thesis