Doctor of Ministry

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Senapatiratne, Tim


The problem this project addressed was the relationship between the imago Dei and the work of photographers in the field of portrait photography. This created a strong vocational emphasis for the project in light of which the researcher explored the theological and biblical data on the imago Dei, examined the connection between being an image bearer and an image creator of the image bearer, discussed the nature of photography, developing a philosophy and broad understanding of the portrait and the value people attach to it. The field research was qualitative in its approach and professional photographers were interviewed regarding their approach to portrait work with a view to understanding their philosophical and theological vision for their images. The project concluded that the imago Dei should be the primary driver in any discussion of humanity. It was also noted that idolatry is an ever present threat to the work of a Christian photographer. This was seen as a two way danger in which, as participants in an act of creation, photographers need to be aware of the possibility of creating idols of their own selves. The field research revealed four major themes in the work of Christian photographers these were humanity, reality, relationship and morality. These were seen as important for the Christian photographer to keep in mind as he works to create an image and strive to maintain the dignity of the subject as God’s image bearer.

Degree Name

Doctor of Ministry

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Doctoral thesis