Education Doctorate

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First Advisor

Michener, Mary


Schools in America need Chinese teachers with experience and cross-cultural aptitude. The increasing rate of globalization and the rapid increase in the number of Chinese guest teachers teaching in the United States points to the need for continued study concerning teachers who can exhibit a more cross-cultural approach. A phenomenological approach was deployed in this qualitative study to explore the lived experiences of China-born Chinese teachers in American classrooms by looking deeply into the impact of culture and context on those teachers’ experiences in the United States. Data collection was achieved by conducting in-depth interviews, and data was analyzed using a version of Hycner’s five-step method. By exploring the essence of the lived experiences of China-born teachers doing the work of teaching American students Chinese, headway can be made to expand the knowledge base of Chinese teaching in a rapidly changing, globalized world.

Degree Name

Education Doctorate

Document Type

Doctoral dissertation