Doctor of Ministry

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Matteson, Jeff


The purpose of this study is to understand the influence and impact a local church pastor can have in the development of emerging leaders. The researcher sought to understand a biblical model of the leader/follower relationship through examining the examples of Moses/Joshua, Elijah/Elisha, and Jesus/the disciples. These examples provided insight into the behaviors of established and emerging leaders and what roles each play in the developmental process. To further the study, a review of relevant literature pertaining to transformational leadership and follower-focused leadership models was completed. Servant leadership, situation leadership, and redemptive leadership were examined to understand the part an established leader plays in the development of emerging leaders. Additionally, an overview and incorporation of followership was included to understand the emerging leader’s responsibility in development. Finally, three developmental timelines were considered to explore how an emerging leader grows. A mixed-method grounded theory study was conducted using online surveys and interviews with established and emerging leaders. The study reviewed the experiences of pastoral leaders and resources helpful in the developmental process. The study resulted in the proposal of a framework for pastors to consider in the development of emerging leaders. Local pastors engaged in developing emerging leaders recognize four areas of development to nurture: spiritual development, personal development, leadership development, and ministry skill development. Growth in these areas should balance across the readiness of the emerging leader’s development. Focusing on these areas should happen in the context of a relationship. Established leaders must recognize their responsibility to initiate a relationship in conjunction with the Holy Spirit’s leading. At the same time, emerging leaders must acknowledge their role in shaping the path of development. The shared responsibility in development is defined and expanded in this project.

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Doctor of Ministry

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Doctoral thesis