Physician Assistant M.S.

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Hanson, Christy


An antibiotic is a drug, also known as an antimicrobial, which is used to treat infectious diseases caused by bacteria (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), 2012). The effect of antibiotic overuse and mistreatment with these drugs has led to infectious bacteria developing antibiotic resistance (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2014). Antibiotic resistance results in at least 23,000 deaths each year in the United States alone (CDC, 2014). The purpose of this study was to evaluate the general population’s awareness of antibiotic resistance in regard to education level, and proper use of antibiotics as measured by completion of antibiotic courses. This study was conducted via a survey format presented to adult customers and employees of Royal Tire Commercial Store in Minneapolis, MN. Results were analyzed into descriptive statistics using SPSS. Results indicated only 18.8% of the study sample could correctly define the term ‘antibiotic resistance;’ however, results suggested there is no statistically reliable correlation between education level and accurate knowledge of this term (significance value 0.117, p. value <0.05). Results also indicated 13.2% of those that had been prescribed an antibiotic stopped taking the medication sooner than recommended. The most common reason given for this was gastrointenstinal upset, but other reasons included participants stated they felt better after only a portion of the treatment plan was completed, and one survey participant reported a rash as the reason for stopping treatment early. The results from this study can be used to help clinicians educate patients about the importance of correct antibiotic prescription and use, as well as education about common side effects to expect with antibiotics and remedies needed to lessen these adverse effects.

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Masters of Science in Physician Assistant

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Masterʼs thesis

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