Teaching M.A.

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Wickam, Molly

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John Bergeland


This thesis identifies how teachers can manage the safe and responsible use of electronic technology resources in the classroom while influencing students to practice the same behaviors outside of school. A review of the literature using Self Determination Theory (Deci & Ryan, 2012) as a framework focuses on technology-based pedagogy, classroom management, and technology use at home. How effectively teachers manage technology in their classrooms can greatly determine the overall knowledge students retain. Technology can motivate students to engage in learning. Teachers are expected to be leaders in modeling the responsible use of new digital tools that can expand learning possibilities. The more teachers institute technology expectations in class, the more likely students will follow similar principles at home. Teachers and parents can impact students more by providing aligned expectations. All parties are responsible for intertwining technology with education standards including administration, teachers, parents, and students.

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Teaching M.A.

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Masterʼs thesis