Special Education M.A.

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Mignard, Michael

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Susan Larson


This thesis reviews literature linking school climate and academic achievement. There are 30 sources that were reviewed and examined for this thesis. Three main points were found in this review. The link between school climate and bullying, the impact of socioeconomic backgrounds, inequality, and school climate on student achievement; and leadership strategies and practices that impact student achievement were reviewed from 10 sources each. A correlation from strong to moderate on how school climate affects academic achievement. Students with higher family incomes and more educated parents had better test scores and better academic performance. Inequalities could be improved by direct instruction and one on one interventions. Leadership practices and strategies affected student achievement most significantly with strong principal leadership positively impacting teachers resulting in greater student achievement. Monitoring systems allowed for evaluating effective versus ineffective practices which improved teaching and increased student performance.

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Special Education M.A.

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Masterʼs thesis