Books from 2022


Enchantments of the Mississippi: A Contemplative Journey of Time and Place, Thomas Becknell
In a time of desolation, Thomas Becknell is drawn to the Mississippi River, then caught by its powers of enchantment. He sets out to learn about the river's great allure, to be near it and to ponder what it might show him....


Centered on Jesus: A Lenten Devotional from the Faculty of Bethel University, Christopher Gehrz, Esther Shull, Carl Albing, Rebekah Bain, Andy Bramsen, Susan Leigh Brooks, Jeannine K. Brown, Michael Crawford, Julie Anne De Haan, Joy Doan, Dale Durie, Julie Finnern, Barrett Fisher, Joel Frederickson, Laura Gilbertson, Rhonda Gilbraith, Ann Holland, Stephen Hunt, Rachel Jorgensen, Patricia Kelly, Denise Muir Kjesbo, Marion H. Larson, Erik Leafblad, Elisabeth E. Lefebvre, Jim Lewis, Joyce LeMay, Alison Lo, Gary A. Long, Christopher Moore, Katherine Nevins, Pauline E. Nichols, Meredith Nyberg, Chad Osgood, Jeanine Parolini, Richard Peterson, Dan Ritchie, Matt Runion, Robin Rylaarsdam, Kristin E. Sandau, Sara L. H. Shady, Angela Shannon, Marta Shaw, Paula A.G. Soneral, Peter T. Vogt, Laura Wennstrom, Gloria Wiese, Brandon Winters, Yu-li Chang Zacher, and Nick Zeimet
For the 2022 season of Lent, Bethel faculty and staff members collaborated to pen Centered on Jesus: A Lenten Devotional from the Faculty of Bethel University. The daily devotionals in Centered on Jesus are intended to help the Bethel commu...

Submissions from 2019


Building Bridges Across Faith Lines: Responsible Christian Education in a Post-Christian Society, Amy Poppinga, Marion Larson, and Sara Shady
The demographic composition of students and employees at many Christian colleges and universities in the United States does not reflect the growing religious diversity of the twenty-first century. While Christian higher education provides a...

Books from 2016

From Bubble to Bridge: Educating Christians for a Multifaith World, Marion H. Larson and Sara L. H. Shady
Summary: In a world of deep religious strife and increasing pluralism it can seem safer to remain inside the "bubble" of our faith community. Many Christians worry that engaging in interfaith dialogue will require watering down their faith ...

Books from 2015


Nebrasketball : Coach Tim Miles and a Big Ten Team on the Rise, Scott Winter
When fall rolls into winter, most sports fans in Nebraska long for spring football. But Coach Tim Miles has given hibernating fans a reason to cheer through winter for the first time in twenty years. Since taking over the men's basketball p...