Submissions from 2020


Teaching synchronous-service teachers: Traditional teacher education at a crossroads, Matthew A.M. Thomas and Elisabeth E. Lefebvre
Background/Context: Teachers enrolled in alternative training and licensure programs may have experiences that lie outside what is considered typical for both preservice teachers and in-service teachers. This article explores the experience...

Submissions from 2018


Getting Ahead and Getting By: Exploring Outcomes of Youth Livelihoods Programs, Elisabeth E. Lefebvre, Acacia Nikoi, Richard Bamattre, Amina Jaafar, Emily Morris, David Chapman, and Joan DeJaeghere
This report is a collaboration between the Mastercard Foundation and University of Minnesota that examines the livelihoods of youth aged 16–25 who participated in two Learn, Earn and Save programs in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. It document...


The dangers of relentless pursuit: teaching, personal health, and the symbolic/real violence of Teach For America, Matthew A.M. Thomas and Elisabeth E. Lefebvre
This paper examines the pressures experienced by teachers as they strive to embody the Teach For America (TFA) motif of ‘relentless pursuit’. It draws on interviews conducted with 36 teachers and uses a Bourdieuian analysis to consider the ...

Submissions from 2017

‘Shit shows’ or ‘like-minded schools’: charter schools and the neoliberal logic of Teach For America, Elisabeth E. Lefebvre and Matthew A.M. Thomas
Over the past three decades, two neoliberal educational reform efforts have emerged in tandem–the charter school movement and Teach For America (TFA). This paper critically examines the relationship between these entities through the lens o...

Submissions from 2014


“I Would Like to Live a Better Life:” How Young Mothers Experience Entrepreneurship Education in East Africa, Elisabeth E. Lefebvre, Amy Pekol, and Brooke L. Krause
This paper examines the capabilities, values, and constraints of young mothers participating in a youth entrepreneurship program in Tanzania and Uganda. Entrepreneurship education is an increasingly popular development strategy for vulnerab...

Dissecting the teacher monolith: Experiences of beginning basic school teachers in Zambia, Matthew A.M. Thomas, Carolyn M. Thomas, and Elisabeth E. Lefebvre
This article explores the multifaceted experiences of beginning basic school teachers in Southern Province, Zambia, through a qualitative study comprised of interviews with 35 basic school teachers. Our research examines the uniqueness of b...