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The Problem: Textura magazines are expensive and consumers are moving to video.In light of those problems, how can Textura fulfill its dreams of connecting cultures and disciplines through social justice storytelling in a viable way that reaches a large audience? The Solution: An Edgren Scholars grant and NYCAMS grant to retell our best Textura Guatemala 2022 story as a social justice documentary called Border of Dreams. The process: By hiring a Guatemalan director and editor from former partnerships, the student-professor collaboration of Junior Soraya Keiser and Professor Scott Winter travelled through the summer of 2022 and spent a year building and marketing the film The conclusions: The storytelling became so impactful t-- it will play in at least six states and two countries and got selected to at least one film festival -- that we're building a documentary into future trips in Textura India 2024 and Textura Palestine 2026. More importantly, the partnership taught everybody new ways to tell stories.