Colloquy Undergraduate Research Journal



Editor’s Statement 5

Communication Studies

On Ideals in Romantic Relationships 25

Paul Hjellming, Lori Bergstrom, Bo Johnson, and Eric Osmondson

Perception of Profanity in Interpersonal Relationships 47

Ashley Pivaronas, Jessica Benham, and Stephanie Melhaff

The Genre of the Meme 67

Thomas Monson


Cooking Up the Optimal Baking Algorithm 7

Tony Burand, Michael Tetzlaff, and Jacob Smith

Literary Criticism

“What to Sight and Smell Was Sweet”: Flowers and Gardening in Paradise Lost 41

Linnea White

The Case of “Brown” 59

Sara Ellingsworth

Biblical and Theological Studies

The Markan Narrative of the Hemorrhaging Woman: Injustice Through Systems Then and Now 81

Tim Riendeau

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Appendix Baking Algorithm Source Code