Submissions from 2021


3D-Printable and Open-Source Modular Smartphone Visible Spectrophotometer, Brandon Winters, Nick Banfield, Cassandra Dixon, Anna Swensen, Dakota Holman, and Braxton Fillbrown
The past four decades have brought significant and increasingly rapid changes to the world of instrument design, fabrication, and availability due to the emergence of 3D printing, open-source code and equipment, and low-cost electronics. Th...

Submissions from 2011


Sequencing of Amine Nucleoside Polymers: Understanding the Fidelity of DNA-Directed Reductive Amination, Sarah M. Anderson
DNA replication is a form of template-directed polymerization that occurs with the aid of numerous enzymes. By developing a DNA replication mimic that can undergo template-directed polymerization without enzymes, the scope of template-direc...