Entrepreneurship for Caribbean Students – Second Edition

Lystra Stephens-James
Mauvalyn M. Bowen, Bethel University
Cuthbert C. Joseph
Franklyn Gittens
Paul Pounder
K’adamawe K’nife
Denis Mitchell
Keith McDonald

Stephens-James, L. B., Bowen, M. M., Joseph, J. C., Gittens, F., Pounder, P., K'nife, K., Mitchell, D., McDonald, K. A. (2018). Entrepreneurship for Caribbean Students. (Revised 2nd ed.) Kingston: Carlong Publishers (Caribbean) Limited.

ISBN: 9789766382131


Entrepreneurship for Caribbean Students – Second Edition enables students to master all subject areas in the latest syllabus, including growth of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship in the Caribbean, social entrepreneurship, e-commerce and business ventures. In this edition, the authors have included cases at the end of every chapter, allowing for investigative inquiry into a contemporary phenomenon within a real-world context. These carefully crafted cases are culturally relevant to the region and reflect the social, economic and historical realities within which prospective entrepreneurs must operate. Inside, unit one focuses on what is entrepreneurship and its drivers, the development of entrepreneurship within a Caribbean perspective, steps in the entrepreneurial process, creativity and innovation. Unit two explores types of business ventures, legal and regulatory practice of operating a business, social entrepreneurship, market research, importance of financial information, developing a business model and e-commerce.