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This paper centers on the contemporary conversion movement to Christianity among the Hmong of the Northern Mountainous Region (NMR). Taking place within the brief scope of only 30 years, religious change among the 1.2 million highland Hmong in Vietnam’s fourteen provinces has resulted in some 330,000 declaring they have exchanged many traditional beliefs for faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. They have embraced substantially the same faith as the Tin Lanh Church, which first came to Vietnam in 1911, one of Vietnam’s six officially approved religions. It is reasonable to claim that a mass movement of this magnitude among a homogeneous ethnicity which has embraced a radically different religion has no parallel in recent history anywhere in the world when considering raw numbers, speed of spread, and scope of acceptance.


Biblical and Theological Studies; Religious Studies Program

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Dao Tin Lanh. Nha Xuat Ban. Hanoi 2019.

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This chapter was first presented in English at an international conference in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2017 and subsequently published in an all-Vietnamese edition under the title "Dao Tin Lanh" [Evangelical Religion] by Nha Xuat Ban Ton Giao. Hanoi, Vietnam, 2019. The document in this record is the written English version of the chapter.