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Understanding Transgender Identities : Four Views

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Contents: Understanding transgender experiences and identities : an introduction / Paul Rhodes Eddy, James K. Beilby -- Transition or transformation? : a moral-theological exploration of Christianity and gender dysphoria / Owen Strachan -- Complexities of gender identity : toward a more nuanced response to the transgender experience / Mark A. Yarhouse, Julia Sadusky -- Good news for gender minorities / Megan K. DeFranza -- Holy creation, wholly creative : God's intention for gender diversity / Justin Sabia-Tanis.

Summary: One of the most pressing issues facing the evangelical church today involves dramatic shifts in our culture's perceptions regarding human sexuality. While homosexuality and same-sex marriage have been at the forefront, there is a new cultural awareness of sexual diversity and gender dysphoria. The transgender phenomenon has become a high-profile battleground issue in the culture wars. This book offers a full-scale dialogue on transgender identities from across the Christian theological spectrum. It brings together contributors with expertise and platforms in the study of transgender identities to articulate and defend differing perspectives on this contested topic. After an introductory chapter surveys key historical moments and current issues, four views are presented by Owen Strachan, Mark A. Yarhouse and Julia Sadusky, Megan K. DeFranza, and Justin Sabia-Tanis. The authors respond to one another's views in a respectful manner, modeling thoughtful dialogue around a controversial theological issue. The book helps readers understand the spectrum of views among Christians and enables Christian communities to establish a context where conversations can safely be held.


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This record includes an excerpt of the introduction from Beilby, J. K., & Eddy, P. R. (2019). Understanding Transgender Identities : Four Views. Baker Academic, a division of Baker Publishing Group. Link to publisher