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Reminiscent of E. Stanley Jones's technique of utilizing a roundtable for religious dialogue, Timothy C. Tennent's Christianity st the Religious Roundtable seeks to engage Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim ideas on issues he regards as central to interreligious dialogue. In addition to the doctrine of supreme reality, which he treats in connection with all three traditions, he adds chapters on the topics of the doctrine of creation (Hindu), ethics (Buddhist) and Christ and Incarnation (Muslim). After treating each tradition in these six chapters, he provides three case studies and a conclusion. Beginning with an opening chapter entitled "lnterreligious dialogue: an Evangelical perspective” each of the succeeding six chapters follow the same organizational plan which consist of an opening pre­ view and summary of the issues to be discussed after which he signals that "it is time to dialogue." (46). Tennent offers a series of objections to the views of his interlocutor each of which are followed by responses in the first person by the dialogue partner, which are in turn followed by evangelical rejoinders. This repartee is followed by a conclusion at the end of each chapter.


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