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Christ Through Four Gospel Portraits Second Edition Part 1 of 5 Introduction Morning Bible Hour Okoboji Bible Conference

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Christ Through Four Gospel Portraits will explore the distinct historical, literary and theological contributions of each of the New Testament Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) to the question of the identity and mission of Jesus for its earliest readers. The series will begin with a general introduction to the four gospels and then explore each one individually and in a more in-depth manner. This recording is from the Okoboji Bible Conference held in Northwestern Iowa where Hernandez was the featured speaker for the Morning Bible Hour from August 5-9, 2019.


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This audio was extracted from a video recording because the audio and video tracks were out of sychronization on the original DVD. Final video was produced and edited in Camtasia 9 with audio, screenshots from DVD, Hernandez's original slides, and Biblical manuscript images from the Codex Sinaiticus project -

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